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i-Learning Center

From the front counter to the corporate office, solutions for the Quick Serve Restaurant

Introduction to i-Learning

SICOM Systems, Inc. is dedicated to being your total POS solution and recognizes that our system is the primary tool by which you and your staff manage your restaurant. However, like any other significant tools, it is only as good as the person who knows how to use it. To enable users to get the most out of our POS solution, SICOM Systems has begun to develop and present a series of courses focusing on the various modules of both our POS system and Enterprise Management Solution which we collectively describe as i-Learning.

Unlike traditional education courses, i-Learning leverages the Internet to disseminate and present course material to SICOM Systems users in a cost and time efficient manner. To attend an i-Learning course, participants simply need access to a PC with high-speed Internet access, which could be at the restaurant, at the corporate office or at home. With i-Learning, there is no cost for travel and overnight accommodations, and the only time taken away from the job or family is spent directly on learning new skills.

i-Learning courses are currently presented as instructor-led courses. The courses are scheduled in advance generally lasting 2-3 hours and presented by one of SICOM Systems’ training staff. When additional time is required to cover the course material Instructor-led courses are scheduled into 2-3 hour segments making it easier for participants to plan their respective schedules. With Instructor-led courses, class size is limited to 12 locations rather than a specific number participants, meaning each location can have one or more participants, allowing a single organization have its entire management staff attend the course in its corporate training room.

Note: Self-Study participants should have a PC with both a sound card and speakers or head-set.