Our company researched several POS companies over a long period of time. We found SICOM had the features we were looking for at a price that couldn't be beat.

Greg Workman, HKM
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Example picture of a Digital Menu Board
Seamlessly integrated with your SICOM POS system.
  • Easily update specials and promotions on your POS simultaneously with your Digital Menu Board.
  • Schedule your menu content by the time of day.
  • Increase ticket sales by cross-selling and upselling.
  • Remote support and content management

Enterprise-Level Management: Your all-in-one management solution, designed for the QSR.

  • SICOM offers a complete digital menu board solution that is turnkey and easy to use with web-based content management.
  • Capturing 10 times more customer attention, our digital displays couple the power of suggestive selling and the efficiency of integration to increase your sales and add to your bottom line.