Our company researched several POS companies over a long period of time. We found SICOM had the features we were looking for at a price that couldn't be beat.

Greg Workman, HKM
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SL Series Unit showing management interface Designed with reliability in mind.
  • The unit's stand-alone operation ensures that there is no single point of failure.
  • Completely solid state, with no moving parts to break or wear out.
  • Passively cooled--no fans.
  • Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keeps you up and running under the most adverse conditions.

The SL Series: A full-featured PC-based point of sale system.

  • Provides both point of sale and back of house (management) functionality in one device.
  • Quick front line reports are available via thermal receipt printers.
  • Back of house functions are standard, without the need for third party software or separate PC.
  • May be accessed both locally and remotely using a standard Internet browser.
  • Integrated credit card authorization and employee time clock.

The SL Series features an advanced operating system with a wide variety of integrated management functions:

timing reporting examples

Optimized for Maximum Speed of Service

Whether eat-in, take-out, or drive-through, speed of service is critical to the success of the QSR. The SL Series helps you achieve and monitor speed of service.
  • The unit's intuitive user interface helps to ensure accurate orders.
  • Kitchen screens with flexible routing schemes help to improve cooking staff efficiency.
  • With integrated production control, products are ready when needed.
  • Front counter & drive-through timing reports allow management to easily monitor speed of service performance.
labor reporting examples

Labor Cost Control

As one of the most significant factors in operating a profitable restaurant, the SL Series gives management the tools to monitor and effectively control labor costs.
  • Integrated Labor Scheduler allows management to create effective staffing charts.
  • The back-of-house labor module monitors and alerts restaurant management of potential violations before they occur.
  • The labor module additionally exports time and attendance information, which can be imported into payroll systems.
Inventory reporting examples

Inventory Control

Control and monitoring of inventory is another critical factor in the profitable operation of any quick-service restaurant. With the SL Series, management has the tools to monitor and control both food and other costs.
  • The back-of-house inventory module makes it easy to manage both food and non-food inventories, simply by telling you what to count and when to count it.
  • With an integrated ingredient and recipe database, the SL Series can accurately track both inventory usage and food waste.
  • Electronic ordering allows for automatic order projections and receipt against projected orders.
Sales reporting examples

Sales Management

The SL Series' back-of-house management software package provides a wealth of reports, assisting management in identifying what is selling.
  • Product analysis reports show which products are selling.
  • The Hourly Product Analysis module shows management when different products are selling
  • The unit's Discount Analysis module identifies those coupons or product specials customers are using
  • Sales reports can be generated at any time, and can be viewed on the screen, or printed.